I'm Keming,

I discovered my insatiable curiosity for design when I realized I was always subconsciously looking for a better solution in daily life. The satisfaction of successfully solving a problem propelled me into learning more skills and technologies. 
7 years of architecture career trained me to be an experienced designer, team coordinator, project manager, visual designer, model builder, and researcher. I built the Building Information Management prototype library for the Amazon Worldwide Design & Engineer department. Meanwhile, optimize the design process between their 2D and 3D design teams. 

What architecture give me
When working as an architect, my priority is the best interest of my clients & occupants. As a UX designer, my priority is the best interest of my users. During the early design phase, I conduct the feasibility study and other background research helping the client clarify the project scope and program. Then came the design phase, besides drafting and modeling I am also a visual designer and graphic designer providing marketing service. After the groundbreaking, coordination becomes my main job. I believe all this experience prepared me to be a good UX designer.

Everything needs a reason to be present in a project, and that reason has to be tight to the user.

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