3D print jewelry design

Loving Vine

This project is a pair of wedding bands. The vine theme is from the bride's name. An hour after our first chat, this idea jumped into my mind. I extracted the shape of the growing vine and made it the main body of the ring. The clients were happy with this concept after seeing the sketch.

"Y" is the initial of the groom's last name. Though the groom didn't mention his preferences during our conversation, I always like to integrate design elements from the couples when working on wedding bands.

When it came to the final model, I did a minor tweak. The bride's ring had a curvy line, and the groom's ring had a straight line.



The clients were thrilled with the final result. "Beyond our expectation," they said. The groom is a photographer, and he did a series of photos for this project.

Courtesy of Jonas Yuan

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